Raising Cane’s Menu Specials and Deals 2021

Raising Cane’s Menu Specials and Deals: Raising Cane’s has several specials to eat a decent dinner for just one at reasonable prices as well as up to tailgate prices for those who need to feed a large group.

This Box Combo is a Raising Cane’s classic . You’ll get four Chicken Fingers Crinkle-Cut Fries One Cane’s Sauce, Texas Toast, Coleslaw and an Drink for around $8.25 (prices will vary depending on the location).

If you’re feeling full, The Maniac Combo ups the flavor. It comes with six Chicken Fingers Crinkle-Cut Fried Fries and two Cane’s Sauces. Texas Toast, Coleslaw, and a huge Drink at around $12.50.

Have a large group? or just love Raising cane’s chicken Fingers? Get a Tailgate package! You can purchase Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers deals with quantities of 25 50, 75, or 100, and with enough Cane’s Sauce to satisfy every purchase. Prices vary depending on the location However, you can expect to pay $35 for 25 chicken fingers, or around $56 for 50.

Go here view the options available for Tailgate from Raising Cane’s menu online.

Raising Cane’s  

Caniac Club Free Box Combo

You can join The Conic Club and get a coupon for a complimentary Box Combo when you sign up! To begin you’ll need to go to the restaurant of Raising Cane and request an Conic Card. After that, go to this link to visit the Raising Cane’s website , and then go to “Register Your Card”. Enter your details to verify the card and then Raising Cane’s will send an offer to the person you registered it with.

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