Papa John’s Shaq-a-Roni Pizza and 25% Off Promo Code! 2021

Papa John’s Shaq-a-Roni Pizza:  For a limited time, the Shaq-a Roni is available at Papa John’s starting at $13 The Shaq-a-Roni pizza is a fan favorite and was named after Shaquille O’ Neal, a legendary NBA player. One dollar of every $13 Shaq-Roni pizza sold will go to the Papa John’s Foundation, which supports charities such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the Baltimore Hunger Project. You can’t get a better combination than pizza and giving back to your community. This was announced by the chain on social media.

Papa John’s Shaq-a-Roni Pizza


Use this Papa John’s coupon code to get 25% off your regular-priced order Click on the link below to apply your code. You can also enter the code at checkout or on the Papa John’s website if it is not automatically applied.

  • 25% Discount with the Code CHOOSEBETTER  place an order. The promo code should then be applied automatically.

If you do not see the discount applied to your order, enter the promo code once more before you submit your payment information. Make sure that the discount is visible.

Parmesan Crusted Papadia Sandwiches $7

Papa John’s Shaq-a-Roni Pizza and 25% Off Promo Code

For a limited time, Papa Johns will be offering a new Papadia sandwich in Parmesan Crusted flavor. You can now enjoy freshly-foiled flatbread with a crispy exterior and a variety of Philly Cheesesteak, Italian, Meatball Pepperoni or Grilled Buffalo Chicken varieties. At most locations, the Parmesan Crusted Papadis costs $7 Papa John’s provides all the information on its website as well as through social media channels.

Papa John’s Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza

Papa John’s now offers an Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza with melted cheese baked inside. For a limited time, you can grab a large 1 topping for $12. Papa John’s shared news about the Stuffed Crust Pizza Launch on its website and via Facebook.

More Papa John’s Deals

Enjoy 2 large 2-topping pizzas for $22.99, 25% discount on any pizza, and other deals with these Papa John’s Pizza Specials. To view more information and place an order, visit the Papa John’s Specials website . These deals are available without the use of a coupon. Click here to locate a Papa John’s near you.

  • 25% Discount on any pizza purchased from the regular menu
  • 2 Large Two Topping Pizzas $22.99
  • Large Double Cheeseburger Pizza for $12.00
  • Double Cheeseburger Papadis $6.00
  • You can choose 2 from the following: Garlic Knots Breadsticks, Garlic Cheese sticks 10” Cheese sticks 6pc Wings, 10 Poppers or Dessert Cookie for $5.99 each
  • 2 Medium Three Topping Pizzas $17.98
  • Papadis 20 Oz Drink $7.49
  • Any Large Specialty Pizza $16.99
  • Large 1 Topping Pizza Pizza and Breadsticks or Cheese sticks $18.99
  • Large 1 Topping Pizza Pizza, 8-piece Wings, or 15-piece Chicken Poppers $21.99
  • Garlic Knots $5.99
  • Large Two Topping Pizza $13.99

Papa John’s App

Download the app for your iPhone or the Android app for Android here. We reviewed and found it to be easy to use, as well as a great addition to a solid pizza rewards program.

Papa John’s Party Specials

Papa John’s offers party specials, including 5 large pizzas starting at $45. You can start your order at:

Other Pizza Coupons

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25% Discount on Visa Card

To get 25% off regular menu priced pizzas, place an order online with your Visa card. You can start your order at: (the promo code will be prefilled for you). This special was posted on the Visa offers Page.

Papa Johns Coupons and Promo Codes 

While there are many Papa Johns promo codes and coupons, some are only available in certain areas or locations. will only publish Papa Johns coupons that can be found widely to avoid disappointment. We will publish Papa Johns promo codes and coupons when they are available from verified sources. To ensure that the codes and coupons work, we test them in a variety stores across the U.S.

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