Melting Pot’s Wednesday and Thursday Specials 2021

Melting Pot’s Wednesday and Thursday Specials: The Melting Pot offers a brand new Friends day 3 or 4 course menu, priced from $29.95 on Wednesdays, for a duration. Cheese fondue is served with special BFFF dippers, including prosciutto, summer sausages, French baguette, pretzel bread honey wheat bread and seasonal vegetables and fruits. After that, you can choose a variety of salad. Then finish with chocolate fondue, and another batch of specially-designed BFFF Dippers, such as macaroons brownies, crème puffs Rice Krispies treats, blondies including pound cake, Oreo dusted marshmallows, fresh fruit like bananas, strawberries and pineapple. Include an dish from the regular menu to create 4 courses for you to enjoy! The Melting Pot has the information about their new Friendsday menu at their site.

Be aware that Melting Pot menus, specials and prices differ by area, so verify your local area for specifics. To locate the local Melting Pot specials, Follow these instructions:

  1. Find your Melting Pot at
  2. Click on your address.
  3. On on the new web page, click the link “Our Events”. The local specials for the day will be listed and include specials for Friendsday, Thursdate and Happy Hour specials.

Melting Pot’s

Melting Pot Thursdate Special

Every Thursday, all participating Melting Pot locations will offer the “Thurs date” special featuring a special menu, served at the candle-lit booth located in a separate area in the dining room.

“The perfect date comes down to the details,” said Bob Johnston, spokesman for Melting Pot. “Upon arrival, rose petals and candles will be on the table and couples can sit back and enjoy quality time together over four delicious courses, perfectly paired with our decadent Thurs date drinks.”

The specially Thursday sdatefour-course menu will start with a delicious cheese fondue that is made from artisanal cheese that will be followed by a refreshing salad course , and a premium main course, which includes tender filet Mignon, Atlantic salmon, savory sirloin with teriyaki, and much more. Couples are able to elevate their Thursday date further by including lobster tails to their dinner. It doesn’t stop there when couples can enjoy the Melting Pot’s most delicious dessert that is sparkling Chocolate Fondue.

The typical price for a 4-course meal costs $49.50 for a person (varies according to the area).

For more information, you can go by following the steps above to see the local Melting Pot Events.

Melting Pot’s Wednesday and Thursday Specials

Melting Pot Happy Hour Menu

The menu and times are subject to change depending on location. generally, the hours are Monday to Thursday, from 4:00pm to 6:00pm and 8:00pm – 9:00pm, and the most common menu items are:

$6 Cocktails $5 wines By The Glass l $4 Draft Craft Beer half price Cheese and Chocolate Fondue.

More information is available by following the above steps to see the local Melting Pot Events.

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