In-N-Out Menu Prices 2021

In-N-Out Menu Prices :In-N-Out (also known as In-N ‘Out Burger) is a renowned fast-food restaurant that serves burgers in five states which include California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and Texas. The burgers served at the restaurant rank as the best in the market which is quite surprising considering In-N Out menu prices are among the most affordable in the business also.

In-N’ Out is known for its the most basic and restricted menu. The most well-known burger they offer is the Double-Double burger, which is made with two pieces of meat and double cheese. They also have smaller and less expensive options like the hamburger or cheeseburger.

In-N-Out Menu Prices


In-N-Out Burgers & Fries Menu Prices 2021

Double-Double Burger $3.45
Cheeseburger $2.40
Hamburger $2.10
French Fries $1.60

In-N-Out Combos Menu Prices 2021

Combos Include French Fries and Medium Drink

Double-Double Burger $6.70
Cheeseburger $5.65
Hamburger $5.35

In-N-Out Drinks Menu Prices 2021

Soft Drink Small $1.50
Soft Drink Medium $1.65
Soft Drink Large $1.85
Soft Drink Extra Large $2.05
Shakes $2.15
Milk $0.99
Coffee $1.35

In-N-Out Vegan Options Menu Prices 2021

Vegan Cheese Pizza (Medium) $20.00
Vegan Cheese Pizza (Large) $23.00
Roasted Potato & Pumpkin Pizza (Medium) $20.00
Roasted Potato & Pumpkin Pizza (Large) $23.00
Rocket Salad $9.90
Garden Salad $9.90

In-N-Out, an old fast food restaurant, was founded in Baldwin Park in California in 1948. The restaurant is available only in five states but there are more than 280 locations.

Five Guys and Whataburger are the main competitors to this restaurant. Prices for In-N-Out are considerably lower than those of Five Guys and Whataburger, especially Five Guys’.

In-N-Out  FAQ

In-N-Out Menu Prices

Are you drug tested at In N Out?

They don’t test you, but I wouldn’t recommend going to work high-strung or hungover.

What is a level 7 in In-N-Out?

pre-management. All managers begin as Level 1 and move up to management. Management positions are not available to anyone who isn’t hired internally.

Are In N Out employees allowed to accept tips?

The employee may refuse to tip you, but if you insist, the employee will take it. It is not to make you go away. The employee will be monitored to ensure that the tip is placed in a donation account for the In-N-Out Foundation.

What salary does In-N-Out’s third manager make?

What is the average salary of a third manager at In-N-Out Burger? $23 an hour is the average In-N-Out Burger third manager salary. In-N-Out Burger Third Manager Salaries can be as low as $21 to $34 an hour.
In-N-Out Menu Prices


You can order online from In-N-Out. For more information, visit their website.


In-N-Out does not serve bacon on their burgers. However, you can select from a variety of toppings.

In-N-Out Burger Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

You can check the link above to see the nutritional breakdown for the In-N-Out Burger menu items.

In-N-Out Franchise Cost

In-N-Out Menu Prices

In-N-Out Burgers has approximately 347 locations across the United States. However, most of the stores are located in California. However, if you’re looking to open your own In-N-Out burger restaurant, you won’t be able to because In-N-Out Burger does not offer franchising opportunities.

Lynsey Snyder, President of In-N-Out, stated that the company will not go public or franchise its restaurants.

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In-N-Out Contact Information

In-N-Out Corporate Office Address: 4199 Campus Drive # 900Irvine, CA 92612

In-N-Out Corporate Phone Number: (626) 813-8201

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