Dairy Queen App Review 2021

Dairy Queen App Review: As technology develops and advance, we are seeing it integrated into everyday life. Restaurants have been able to adapt to the changing times by introducing mobile applications to simplify ordering and to reward their loyal customers.  Today, we will be looking at Dairy Queen’s app. Dairy Queen app and their exclusive rewards program.

Dairy Queen App

For the application to download for your iPhone Click this link to download it. You can also install the Android application here..

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Convenience and Reliability

When you launch DQ App for the very first time you’ll be presented by a brief introduction to the advantages offered by DQ App. DQ App. The final slide will require you to allow notifications that provide you with exclusive access to specials and deals at locations that are participating. Then you’ll be asked to sign up or log in to your existing account. After you have entered the necessary details then you’re good to go! To place an order at Dairy Queen locations near you Simply allow location tracking, or type in the preferred location when you place an order. Some locations might have a problem and not support orders via mobile, therefore make certain to confirm your order ahead of the time. When you’ve completed your purchase you’ll need to pay using a credit card regardless of whether or not you pick the order up in the store or on the curb.

Dairy Queen also has a extensive nutrition overview of the menu items can be accessed easily through the application. Just click on the menu in the sidebar and then click “Menu & Nutrition.” To get the nutritional data simply click the link in the right side of your screen. The information is easily accessible and could be helpful if intend to track the macros in your meals.

Dairy Queen App Review


Everyone Dairy Queen account holders are eligible to earn points as well as rewards. One point is earned per $0.10 purchase. Points are multiplied by 10. So, for example that you spend $2.91 will earn you 29 points, whereas spending $2.95 will earn the user 30 points. Points can be exchanged for a variety of freebies at participating stores. The prizes that come with points are:

  • 150 Points: Free Regular Fries or Onion Rings
  • 200 Points: Free Small Regular or Dipped Cone; Free Soft Pretzels and Zesty Quest
  • 250 Points: Free Mini Blizzard Treat
  • 300 Points: Free Small Shake, Malt, or Misty Treat
  • 500 Points: Free Any Size Blizzard Treat; Free 6 pc. Rotisserie-Style Chicken Bites Basket
  • 2,500 points: Free 8″ or 10″ DQ or Blizzard Cake (only in-store)

Earn points at the counter or online. The “Points” tab on the left-hand side of the screen, you will find an unique barcode can be scanned to allow the points earned you earned from your purchase in the store transferred onto your credit card. If you make a purchase using the app, points will be applied automatically into your bank account. Certain locations might not be able to participate within the program of rewards. Therefore, ensure you check before making a purchase. You can check for this easily by selecting the place in the app and viewing their specific products within “Services “Services” sub-heading.

Dairy Queen app holders also have access to a variety of offers. When you click in the “Points” tab, select “View My Deals.” This will display the list of all your offers and rewards.

Dairy Queen App Review

Is the Dairy Queen App Worth It?

The Dairy Queen app is designed exceptionally efficiently. It isn’t overwhelming and the information is well organized. It isn’t easy to locate nutritional information on numerous restaurant chains, particularly on their apps. Dairy Queen is an exception and deserves to be praised for their honesty. Finding locations where you can order is also simple, as is using the “Services” subheading can be extremely helpful. Some Dairy Queen locations only offer specific services (Treats only, no indoor seating and so on.) This is a useful fact to be aware of prior to making a purchase or planning a visit. The only issue is that certain places may not have Rewards points and mobile orders however, as the business grows the accessibility issues will decrease.

Rewards programs are easy to understand. The rewards milestones are made up of famous Dairy Queen items . While it could be a little boring ($15 spent on fries for free) The points program is an excellent incentive to consider when you make Dairy Queen buys. In addition, you have access to special offers simply for being an account holders! It’s a good idea to download the Dairy Queen app is a great addition to your phone regardless of whether you’re a frequent Blizzard fan or just an occasional treat kind of person.

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