Culver’s Menu Prices 2021

Culver’s Menu Prices : Culver’s Fast-food eatery that is primarily located in the Midwestern regions in the United States. The most popular dishes include Butter Burgers along with the frozen custard. Culver’s menu prices tend to be higher than average prices in the industry this is partly due to the food portions are bigger.

Culver’s serves a wide selection of meals, including Butter Burgers as well as chicken sandwiches, tenders, as well as a wide variety of options for sides, frozen custard shakes, malts and beverages.

Culver’s Menu Prices


Culver’s Butter Burgers Menu Prices 2021

The Culver’s Deluxe Single

Single $2.99

The Culver’s Deluxe Double

Double $4.59

The Culver’s Deluxe Triple

Triple $5.99

The Culver’s Bacon Deluxe Single

Single $3.49

The Culver’s Bacon Deluxe Double

Double $5.09

The Culver’s Bacon Deluxe Triple

Triple $6.49

Butter Burger The Original Single

Single $2.79

Butter Burger The Original Double

Double $4.29

Butter Burger The Original Triple

Triple $5.59

Butter Burger Cheese Single

Single $2.99

Butter Burger Cheese Double

Double $4.59

Butter Burger Cheese Triple

Triple $5.99

Cheddar Butter Burger Single

Single $3.09

Cheddar Butter Burger Double

Double $4.79

Cheddar Butter Burger Triple

Triple $6.29

Cheddar Butter Burger with Bacon Single

Single $3.59

Cheddar Butter Burger with Bacon Double

Double $5.29

   Cheddar Butter Burger with Bacon Triple

Triple $6.79

Musher om And Swiss Single

Single $3.39

Mushroom And Swiss Double

Double $5.09

Mushroom And Swiss Triple

Triple $6.59

Sourdough Melt Single

Single $3.39

Sourdough Melt Double

Double $5.09

Sourdough Melt Triple

Triple $6.59

Wisconsin Swiss Melt Single

Single $3.39

Wisconsin Swiss Melt Double

Double $5.09

Wisconsin Swiss Melt Triple

Triple $6.59

Culver’s Sandwiches & Favorites Menu Prices 2021

Chicken Tenders 2 Pc

2 Pc. $4.99

Chicken Tenders 4 Pc

4 Pc. $7.99

Chicken Sandwich Crispy

Crispy $4.29

Chicken Sandwich Grilled

Grilled $7.29

Culver’s Kids’ Meals Menu Prices 2021

Butter Burger


Butter Burger Cheese


Tenders 2 Pc

2 Pc. $4.99

Corn Dog


Grilled Cheese


Culver’s Salads & Soups Menu Prices 2021

Chicken Cashew Salad


Garden Fresco Salad


Garden Fresco Salad Grilled Chicken


Cranberry Bacon Bleu Salad Grilled Chicken


George’s Chili


Chili Supreme


Culver’s Drinks Menu Prices 2021

Soft Drink Small

Small $1.69

Soft Drink Medium

Medium $1.89

Soft Drink Large

Large $2.29

Root Beer Float Small

Small $2.29

Root Beer Float Medium

Medium $2.99

White or Chocolate Milk


Bottled Water


Culver’s Mixers, Shakes & Malts Menu Prices 2021

Concrete Mixers Mini

Mini $2.69

Concrete Mixers Short

Short $3.09

Concrete Mixers Regular

Regular $4.19

Concrete Mixers Tall

Tall $4.99

Shakes Short

Short $2.59

Shakes Regular

Regular $3.69

Shakes Tall

Tall $4.49

Malts Short

Short $2.69

Malts Regular

Regular $3.79

Malts Tall

Tall $4.59

Culver’s Sundaes Menu Prices 2021

Turtle 1 Scoop

1 Scoop $3.79

Turtle 2 Scoop

2 Scoop $4.59

Turtle 3 Scoop

3 Scoop $5.29

Caramel Cashew 1 Scoop

1 Scoop $3.79

Caramel Cashew 2 Scoop

2 Scoop $4.59

Caramel Cashew 3 Scoop

3 Scoop $5.29

Culver’s Sides Menu Prices 2021

Crinkle Cut Fries


Cole Slaw


Mushed Potatoes


Side Salad


Onion Rings


Chili Cheddar Fries


Cheese Curds


Culver’s Fresh Frozen Custard Menu Prices 2021

Fresh Frozen Custard Mini Short Regular
Concrete Mixer® $3.79 $4.09 $4.99
Shake N/A $3.49 $4.29
Malt N/A $3.79 $4.59
Root Beer Float N/A $3.39 $4.19
   1 Scoop 2 Scoop
Dish $2.69 $3.69
Sundae $3.39 $4.39

Culver’s Condiments Menu Prices 2021

Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Sauce $0.79
Dip & Squeeze Ketchup $0.00
Salt Packet $0.00
Pepper Packet $0.00
Butter Packet $0.00

Culver’s was established around 1984, within Sauk City in Wisconsin which is now the company is headquartered at Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.

Culver’s prices are thought to be more expensive than the typical fast food industry due to the fact that they’re considered to be a unique fast food, because of their broad variety of options in frozen custard. The menu they offer is similar to Steak and Shake.

Culver’s FAQ

Culver’s Menu Prices


Culver’s operates across 25 states. The majority of them are within the Midwestern states. Additionally, there are another 18 restaurants that are currently under construction.


Culver’s is open from 10 a.m. every day of the week, depending on the place of operation. The hours of operation can vary on holiday days So, make sure to visit their website.


Culver’s closing time is 10 p.m. In certain locations the hours of closing might differ by just 1 or 2 hours. So make certain to check Culver’s official site to verify.


Culver’s was established in the year 1984. They were barely able to survive because of fierce competition, however Culver’s was famous for its butter burgers, frozen custards, and butter burgers and has developed into an extremely well-known fast food chains in the United States.

Culver’s Menu Prices


The first Culver’s established within Sauk City Wisconsin. Culver’s is now spread across Minnesota up to Florida and has expanded to many states in between. There are a few locations that haven’t yet opened, however they are planning to expand across the whole US.


Culver’s is part of Roark Capital Group. Roark is one of the biggest players in the fast-service industry with holdings in the primary company that also owns several famous restaurants such as Carl’s Junior, Hardee’s as well as Moe’s.


The number of restaurants is 710 spread across 25 states. It is amazing that out of 710 establishments there are just six owned by companies and the remaining are run by franchisees who are independent.

Culver’s Menu Prices


Culver’s was established in the early days by Craig Culver and his family. Culver’s was originally run by the parents of his sons George as well as Ruth Culver with the business name being Sauk City A&W Root beer. The business was eventually sold and later operated the country club. Craig was able to leave college and purchased the A&W company, which he ran for a short time and after that, he was sold to A&W Root beer again. Then, two years later, he decided to give the business another chance and made massive changes. He opened A&W Root beer and renamed it Culver’s Butter Burgers and Frozen Custards.


Culver’s was named after the buttery dollop that is placed on the top of the bun. It creates a toasty, buttery taste. Many have the appearance of a bun that has been dipped in butter, however the name isn’t accurate. The Butter burger of Culver’s isn’t actually an actual “butter burger.”


The healthiest food item to take a bite of at Culver’s is that they:

  • Garden Fresco Salad and Soup
  • Garden Fresco Salad and Soup with Grilled Chicken and Raspberry Vinaigrette
  • Tomato Florentine Soup

Culver’s Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

To check the nutrition list of items on the menu at Culver’s go to the above link.

Culver’s Franchise Information

Culver’s Menu Prices

Culver’s operates 727 locations spread across the more than 25 states within the United States. However, the majority all of them are located in the Midwest region. If you’re looking start a Culver’s Store the following is what it will cost.

Name of Fee Cost
Initial Franchise Fee From $20,000 to $55,000
Land From $300,000 to $1,400,000
Site Work From $161,000 to $593,000
Building From $882,000 to $1,636,000
Travel, Living and Expenses During Training From $20,000 to $80,000
Initial Inventory From $35,000 to $45,000
Furniture, Fixtures, Equipment and Supplies (Excluding Sign Package and POS Cash Register System) From $395,000 to $495,000
Sign Package From $106,000 to $220,000
POS Cash Register System From $41,000 to $50,000
Miscellaneous Expenses From $20,000 to $40,000
Additional Funds (working capital for 3 months) From $50,000 to $100,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL From $1,970,000 to $4,714,000

Important Links

Official Website
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Culver’s Account

Culver’s Contact Information

Culver’s Corporate Office Address: 1240 Water Street, Prairie du Sac, WI 53578

Culver’s Corporate Phone Number: 608-643-7982

You can also contact the team of Culver’s by using the contact form on their website.

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